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The James Webb Telescope captured images of the star nursery

The James Webb Telescope captured images of the star nursery

The formation of new stars is one of the most mysterious areas in the universe. However, there is a lot of research being done on this topic. This plays an important role in this James Webb Space Telescope NASA. Now the organization appears 2 new photos Such an area (NGC604) in Triangle Galaxyany 2.73 million light years Located away from the ground. NASA recently published one on this topic press release.

The stunning images, which tell researchers more about star formation, were captured using a camera nercam. The name stands for Near infrared camera.

The second image of NGC 604 released by NASA.

The second image released by NASA shows NGC 604.

Very young stars

The cloud of glowing gases shown in the image contains one Diameter From around 1300 light years. The star meadow NGC 604 contains more than 200 hot, very massive stars that are still very young. And in the pictures you can see those that look like a cave He blows And elongated Gas filaments. Such phenomena help researchers learn more about how stars form.

Some of them are thought to be more than 100 times the mass of our sun. According to NASA, Star concentration Which is rare in NGV 604, in our country milky way There is no similar phenomenon. He should 100 times larger Than to be the sun.

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What do you see in the pictures?

According to NASA,… Orange lines On existence Hydrocarbon molecules there. These elements play an important role in the formation of stars and planets. Where these molecules come from remains a mystery to researchers. The image also shows two very bright, diffuse young stars Red gas Connected and Holes Dig in the fog. In the pictures you can see it as two dots.

The era of the NGC 604 region has begun 3.5 million years estimated. The new images are of great importance to astronomers because they allow them to learn more about the planet development About planets and stars.

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