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The Japanese elect a new House of Commons |

The Japanese elect a new House of Commons |

Japan elects a new House of Commons on Sunday. According to recent opinion polls, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, along with its coalition partner Komeito, can defend the majority in the relevant chamber of parliament. The elections will not change the balance of power in Japan. But according to opinion polls, the NDP and government leader Fumio Kishida will suffer major losses.


Japanese Prime Minister Kishida at an election rally

If, contrary to expectations, the LDP fails to achieve an absolute majority of 233 votes, this could lead to the weakening of Kishida within the party. However, many Japanese see no alternative to the Liberal Democratic Party, which has ruled for decades, in opposition. The opposition partially approved the joint candidates. However, this strategy is likely to have only a limited effect. The LDP ultimately benefits from widespread disillusionment with politics because it has a loyal voter base.

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