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The Journal app will launch with iOS 17.2 later this year

The Journal app will launch with iOS 17.2 later this year

With iOS 17.2, which is currently in beta and scheduled for release later this year, Apple will launch another new app: Journal (App store link). In this article we want to tell you what awaits you in the next diary app.

“Take a moment to reflect on your day. “Record and write down details of your daily moments and special events,” Apple wrote in the journal’s description. “Use photos, videos, audio recordings, location information, and more. With our journaling suggestions, you can easily remind yourself of the day’s events and never have to start with a blank page.

The Journal app offers smart suggestions for diary entries

Using the app is actually very easy. Everything happens on an infinitely scrollable home page where you can find all your moments and thoughts. You can easily create a new entry using the large plus icon at the bottom of the screen.

In addition to a simple entry to which you can add photos, audio recordings or a location, Journal also offers several unique features of your own taken from photo reviews. For example, if you take photos or videos of a concert or other event, Journal will offer you the correct combination. But Journal also offers fitness activities, new contacts, or other things to help you get started. “Journal suggestions are generated using intelligent algorithms on your device based on how you use your iPhone,” Apple says.

If you want to keep your diary private, no problem: Touch ID or Face ID can be activated as protection if you wish.

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So far the application is very simple

Compared to specialized, often paid-for journaling apps like Day One, Journal is still very simple. In my opinion, this is especially evident on the home page. There is only a filter here to list entries with images or audio. There is no integrated search, for example, to search for a specific word. Personally, I would also like to have a card where the entries in the journal are marked with a pin.

You should also avoid any kind of export. Although you can manually mark and transcribe text in a journal, you cannot share memories and moments themselves. Do not export to another application and do not share with friends or family.

The magazine will also initially be available for iPhone only. The app will not be available on iPad or Mac.