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The Kunsthaus Zurich was sick

The Kunsthaus Zurich was sick

Illness, healing, and art: The Kunsthaus Zürich illuminates the multiple connections in a themed exhibition – at a reasonable pandemic dose.

One might be tempted to think for a moment that Kunsthaus Zürich landed on point with the thematic exhibition “Take care of yourself” at the (temporary?) end of the pandemic: but of course those officials have been working on such a grand concept for much longer, curator Katharine Hogg, has started the final race before the start of the global emergency. Early in 2019, she submitted her concept for a topic presentation to the responsible Board of Trustees, as she explained during a conversation in Zurich.

The idea of ​​creating transverse binoculars with often surprising combinations seems to have worked from the ground up: for example, perfectly ornate working samples of sutures on suede, which are allowed to stand in aesthetic dialogue with Meret Oppenheim goatskin gloves, Embroidered with mesh veins. The curator followed a basic idea: “It’s also about the appeal for reconciliation with the disease,” says Hogg.

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