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The Lancia Delta Rally Car is heading to LEGO Ideas Review

Next draft hits the target! The Lancia Delta Interale 16V Rally Car (1990) From lomic Collects 10,000 fan votes after 612 days LEGO Ideas. This makes the race car the twenty-second draft of the first revision stage in 2022. The Lancia Delta is a well-known road and racing car that won six consecutive FIA ​​World Championships between 1987 and 1992. The car also has many fans and enthusiasts around the world. , so much so that it was reissued to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary. So it’s no wonder LEGO model car is missing. Lomek thought too and spent 15 months refining his idea model.

The Lancia Delta Rally Car is made up of 2,584 components and follows a modular design. The front, rear and side panels, roof, bonnet and chassis can be easily disassembled and reassembled. The Lancia Delta Rally design is a classic show model with technical features. Lumik describes its design as a combination of LEGP Technic for bodybuilding and LEGO Creator for bodybuilding.

All wheels are powered and fitted with double wishbone suspension. The front-wheel steering operates on Ackermann’s precise geometry, the steering wheel rotates accordingly and its height is adjustable. The cockpit transmission controls the all-wheel drive rear-wheel drive option. The rally car is powered by a large 3 PF engine, which can also be expanded to 2 or 3 PF XL engines. Front and rear lights are fully functional. There is also the option to install high-beam headlights.

The model has many details of the original Lancia Delta Rally: red dirt-catching panels, instruments, pedals, mirrors, sun visors, air intakes and many more stickers that are the hallmark of racing cars. The most the best!

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I think the racing car idea is well executed. I am particularly excited about the many technical details and functionality. I can very well imagine that this car will be loved by many LEGO fans. The design can easily come from the LEGO Creator Expert Series. But perhaps this is where the problem lies. I’m curious if the race car will get a positive review in May.

Overview of drafts of the first revision stage 2022

What do you think of the Lancia Delta rally car? Do you like the implementation of the car? What do you think of the technical details? Can you imagine Delta Lanica getting a production version? Will you buy the model then? Write your opinion in the comments!