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The largest number of new infections since February in Portugal

Despite having one of the highest vaccination rates in Europe and even worldwide, Portugal is also seeing a rapid increase in the number of infections. Lisbon health authorities today reported 5,649 new cases in 24 hours, the highest number since February 6 (6,132). Thus, the daily number of people who died due to Covid-19 was 22. According to official information, several people were last reported on March 10.

Occurrence of 7 days in 193

Meanwhile, Portugal’s seven-day infection rate rose from around 100 in mid-November to 193 recently. This means that the country, which has a vaccination rate of about 88 percent, is still in a much better position than many other countries in Europe. For comparison: in Austria this value was 667.

The left-wing government in Lisbon emphasizes that caution must be exercised. Above all, the situation in intensive care units remains relatively calm. 130 ICU beds were last occupied with Covid patients. Last winter, more than 800 intensive care beds were occupied by Covid patients in the country of 10.3 million people.

toughening procedures

New measures to contain the pandemic have been in place since Wednesday. All visitors arriving by air must test negative, even if they have been vaccinated. Persons who have been vaccinated and pure, as well as those who are not vaccinated, are required to give a negative test when visiting bars, discos, hospitals, retirement homes and major events that do not have fixed numbered places. In addition, the general mask requirement has been introduced again in all enclosed public spaces.

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