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The Last Alchemist announced for PC - will be released in 2023 by Marvelous Europe

The Last Alchemist announced for PC – will be released in 2023 by Marvelous Europe

Vile Monarch and Marvelous Europe are proud to present The Last Alchemist, a fascinating chemistry management game about the relentless pursuit of science in a world of fables.

Developed by Vile Monarch and published by Marvelous Europe, The Last Alchemist will be available for Windows PC via Steam in Early Access in early 2023.

“We’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on with *The Last Alchemist* and hope to show you more before we start Early Access next year,” said William Besnard, Vile Monarch’s creative director.

In the superstitious heart of 17th century Europe, alchemy is a crazy, frightening, forbidden new practice. The Inquisition, a group of fanatical lawmakers with increasing power, condemns alchemy as a heresy and seeks to eliminate and punish alchemists as the world’s most dangerous heretics.

As an apprentice with a penchant for unbridled experiments, you must master alchemy in a world that despises it. Take the mantle of your late teacher and inherit the ancient Imperial Star Observatory, a laboratory equipped with all the wonders, mechanics, and knowledge you need to become the new master alchemist.

The Last Alchemist is a science fiction game for management fans thirsting for discovery. Lead the rise of the flag and will stop at nothing to ensure its survival.

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