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The latest round of Iran nuclear negotiations has ended

The last meeting of the current round of nuclear negotiations with Iran over the program was today in Vienna. The EU’s chief negotiator, Enrique Mora, wrote on Twitter that it was a matter of “assessing” the week’s discussions.

In the seventh round of talks this year, Iran met with the remaining contracting partners at the luxury Vienna Hotel Coburg. There have been no direct talks with the United States yet. Fronts hardened.

The meeting, known as the Joint Committee Coordination, was scheduled for the early afternoon. The Iranian delegation did not comment with chief negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani at the beginning of the meeting. As usual, the meetings are accompanied by a small but noisy group of protesters who have protested against the Iranian regime.

The goal is to continue the nuclear talks next week, according to European diplomats. Before that, parts of the negotiating team had to discuss the current political situation in their home country. The United States, which withdrew from the nuclear deal in 2018 under former President Donald Trump, continues to participate only indirectly in the negotiations. Intermediate between Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia and China.

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