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The Left has criticized the Prime Minister’s visit to the US

The Left has criticized the Prime Minister’s visit to the US

DSebastian Walter, leader of the left wing in the state parliament, criticized the Brandenburg prime minister’s visit to the US against the backdrop of the crisis in his home country. He was surprised Dietmar Voytke (SPD) to fly across the pond while other prime ministers work, he said after a parliamentary group meeting of opposition parties from Potsdam on Tuesday. Walter was referring to the Berlin Senate’s decision on Monday to introduce its own relief package for companies, among others. Voytke will again be overtaken by her party colleague Francesca Kiffi and the Red-Green-Red coalition in Berlin. “Brandenburg must deliver here too, deliver at last,” Walter demanded. “Anyone who feels like traveling at this time should come back with good results.”

Prime Minister Voytke and Economics Minister Georg Steinbach (both SPD) left for the US on Sunday for institutional talks. Voitke said a few days before the trip abroad that it is important to strengthen international economic ties, especially in these critical times. Above all, he wants to develop Brandenburg as an industrial location by meeting company representatives from the aviation and armaments sectors.

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