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The like gap makes us less popular than us

The like gap makes us less popular than us

You avoid parties with many people PeopleWho do you know? After a new meeting, you feel like you have act stupid? It all belongs to like the gap. We explain what it means and how you can deal with it.

in several studies Achieve with the American world Jose Kony His theory of the admiration gap. This is the psychological phenomenonIt directs our behavior in social situations reflect allowed. Already during and also after a meeting or conversation, we think about whether we Everything is done correctly You and the other person(s). Good receipt be. Therefore, the like gap initially has a file Valuable positive psychological impactBecause it prevents us from doing something Wrong, offensive or inappropriate Let’s say and do, or at least help us, next time to behave better.

Unfortunately, the liking gap also has one the negative side. As a result, we never came to the conclusion that the situation with a file new acquaintances Or someone we haven’t met for a long time, smoothly he is. Instead, you pull us down uncomfortable mentalityPicks up every second of the conversation. It shows us Stupid behavior or phraseswho might not have been there at all or got to the other person without any problems. Something small: The likeness gap causes us to think we’re less popular than we really are. As a result, we start stressing more quickly when it comes to meeting new people, or just in situations like this to avoid. This does not have to be! Gus Cooney’s research found that we It’s always getting better and more popular. If you remember this, from now on you can be more relaxed and only you is being!

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