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The lion killed his owner in Slovakia

The lion killed his owner in Slovakia

No longer does the owner of a private zoo feed the lions. They found him dead.

a Lion He has a husband in a private zoo in Slovakia killing. Slovak media reported on Tuesday. According to information from the TA3 television news channel, the dead man is the owner of the zoo. A relative also confirmed this. Police had previously announced on Facebook that they had been tipped off by zoo staff because the man was no longer of the predator race. Finally they found him dead.

According to information from “TV Markiza”, which has not been confirmed by the police, it is said that the victim was literally torn to pieces. The man went to the animal pen to bring food to the predators. The police initially found only one leg, and only then other parts of the body. The rescuers first had to wait for the zoo staff and the veterinarian to allow them safe access to the man, but it turned out that he was already dead.

In a private zoo in the settlement of Uskerda, near the regional capital of Northern Slovakia Žilina, next to black Tigers and other exotic animals are kept and presented to the public.


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