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The longest eruption in Iceland in more than 50 years

The longest eruption in Iceland in more than 50 years

The eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano near Reykjavik lasted for six months – making it the longest eruption in Iceland in more than 50 years. The volcano on the island of Reykjanes southwest of the Icelandic capital began spitting on the evening of March 19. Meanwhile, the landscape has already attracted about 300,000 spectators.

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The lava flow has been attracting spectators since March

With the constant flow of lava and lava mist reminiscent of a geyser, Fagradalsfjall is currently the most visited tourist attraction in the North Island state. As of this week, the eruption lasted longer than the inland Holuhraun lava field eruption, which lasted from the end of August 2014 to the end of February 2015.

“Six months is a very long eruption,” volcanologist Thorvaldur Thordarson said of Fagradalsfjall. A longer volcanic eruption occurred in an Icelandic region in the 1960s. This led to the formation of the volcanic island of Surtsey, which is among the Westman Islands south of the Icelandic mainland.

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