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The Mann Steyr Council works for the "Dual Volunteer Social Plan"

The Mann Steyr Council works for the “Dual Volunteer Social Plan”

Negotiations over the social plan for the disputed site will begin Monday at the MAN plant in Steyr. He explained that Helmut Emmler’s business council expects “goal-oriented” discussions and not just a presentation of the plan by the company. So he wants to talk about a “dual voluntary surplus scheme”, as it applies in MAN in Germany.

The cost of using an invoice

By this, the employee’s representative means that, on the one hand, the employees should leave the factory only on their own initiative. On the other hand, a factory shutdown should not be related to the social plan. The group should perform the cost benefit calculation for any employee cuts that are achieved in this way. In the “worst case,” the lockdown will cost the group between 1.1 and 1.4 billion euros, Emler cited the expertise of a civil law expert in Linz and the president of Johannes Kepler University (JKU), Meinhard Lucas.

For Steyr, there is not only a site security contract, but also a corporate waiver of termination. Lucas says that in the event of a lockdown, the benefits of termination would be due by 2030. According to the Labor Council, the € 80m savings MAN reported by moving production from Steyr to Poland will only pay off in 15 years, says Emler. .

Check recoveries

The closure can also have financial consequences in relation to the subsidies provided to MAN. The Austrian research promotion company FFG has invested a total of 2.4 million euros in public funds in projects with MAN since 2017. In principle, there is a possibility to recover subsidies from the companies. Depending on the condition of their funding agreements, research funds can be recovered for up to three years after project completion due to operational shutdown, FFG Managing Director Klaus Basinner said in Ö1 Lunch magazine on Friday.

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