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The Mars Rover has a flying companion that is very difficult to find

The Mars Rover has a flying companion that is very difficult to find

It’s hidden object game time! Well, on top of that, there is some interesting technical information about NASA’s current activities on Mars. An educational task combined with games and fun, so to speak. If you always had it when you were a kid Where is Walter now? After the ceremony, you can now cheer loudly (but not too loudly if you are standing on the S-Bahn or sitting in the office), because a similar principle awaits you here.

An intergalactic hidden object is waiting for you. Billions of grains of sand, countless stones, and somewhere in between cleverness. from? Well, the NASA helicopter that’s been living on the red planet since 2021 along with the rover, and it’s more popular in public perseverance Do important research.

How long does it take to find creativity?

Play first, then learn, this arrangement should appeal to you more. That is why we start immediately with the research image and put the interesting information and explanations about the drone at the end of the article. Source NASA imagemade by the Perseverance rover on January 8, 2023.

The picture shows creativity in his important work – But where is the little flying troll? Can you find it? Don’t spoil the fun for yourself and don’t click on the solution until you are sure you’ve found it, or if you give up after a long search.

As a little help to you, we’ve edited the original image a bit for contrast so that objects stand out more from their surroundings. However, this search image is still very difficult!

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This is ingenuity

This is what the power elf you're looking for looks like.

This is what the power elf you’re looking for looks like.

search image

Remember: you can also view the image in full original size by clicking the magnifying glass icon!

Remember: you can also view the image in full original size by clicking the magnifying glass icon!

Very difficult, isn’t it? This is due to several factors: The Creation is built so compactly that it can run without any problems so far off the ground. In addition, its color quickly disappears in a monotonous environment. And yes, as a little tip: He’s also a long way from the tenacity of his photo buddy.

Have you tried everything but are giving up now? Will is important, so you can still be complacent. A click on the image below will lead you to the solution and that AHA!-Nowadays.

the solution

There's a little power troll busy at work who doesn't know he's a little star on Earth!

There’s a little power troll busy at work who doesn’t know he’s a little star on Earth!

This is how creativity works

Originally, the small drone’s mission was very simple: It had to prove that a helicopter-like aircraft could fly on Mars at all. With this mission successfully completed, Ingenuity could retire with its head held high. Apparently, NASA did not want to burden the Pension Fund too much and had other plans.

Meanwhile, Ingenuity serves as the collaborative partner for the Mars Rover Perseverance rover, which is responsible for the forward flyby and trajectory exploration of the sensitive rover. Because the surface of Mars is known to be very rocky and obstacles can be lurking everywhere, which could delay NASA’s costly mission.

You can even see where the unbeatable duo of persistence and creativity is at the moment View on a dynamic NASA map!

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And of course it is also about the future of humanity: If we ever spend our winter holidays on Mars, we will often rely on air support, for example when it comes to supplying goods or in medical emergencies. Ingenuity’s current work is expected to provide valuable data for these purposes as well, according to project leader MiMi Aung. In other areas, too, people are excitedly working on the vision of getting people to Mars:

NASA thinks surprise landings are a great solution


life on Mars

NASA thinks surprise landings are a great solution

By the way, it’s not cheap: the creation has already cost NASA 80 million dollars, and another five million will be paid for the operation. A little cash for a hidden object, but hey, we had fun!

Be honest: did you find creativity? If yes, how long did it take? Or did you eventually give up and move down to the solution? Feel free to tell us in the comments!