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The Martian spacecraft can't get rid of the secret passenger

The Martian spacecraft can’t get rid of the secret passenger


The perseverance rover On the Red Planet a little over a year ago and has done so many times Uncomfortable acquaintances With Mars stones Made: Once he got a stone during the trial dig brokenand other times the small pebbles contain mechanical parts from the rover prevented.

now The stone on one of the wheels And he’s been flying around Mars with perseverance ever since. First time Discover became stone in February 6 Using the front camera to avoid left hazards. Latest pictures from March 2 PretendingThe rock is still “clinging” to the rover’s wheel.

Stone shouldn’t be a problem

The image of the secret passenger has become “Picture of the Week” Selection. in associated Blog post NASA hasn’t said a word about whether the rocks are interfering with the rover’s work. In this regard, an unexpected companion No problem Focus.

Meanwhile, the rover perseverance has grinding tool I disassembled it and worked on a small rock with it. The goal isfar block to look insideWhether stone the next day drilling test even.

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