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The men's race in Hochfilzen in the live broadcast tape

The men’s race in Hochfilzen in the live broadcast tape

The men’s biathlon race will be held in Hochfilzen on Friday. Here you can follow the race in the live indicator.

After the women have already completed the race at the Biathlon World Cup in Hochfilzen, it will be the men’s turn on Friday. Here’s the race in the live stream.

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Biathlon: men’s sprint in Hochfilzen in the live broadcast tape – before the start

before start: After a third place in the sprint in Kontiolahti, DSV athlete Roman Reis wants to be on the podium again in Hochfilzen.

before start: The race starts at 1:45 p.m.

before start: Hello and welcome to the men’s sprint race in Hochfilzen (Austria).

Biathlon: the men’s race in Hochfilzen today on TV and live

The men’s race in Hochfilzen will be ZDF Broadcasting on free TV. It is also possible to watch the race via live broadcast to see.

Biathlon: Hochfilzen World Cup final dates

Date Started discipline transition
08.12.2022 (Thursday) 14:10 Women’s sprint 7.5 km Eurosport 1 /DazenAnd the ZDF
09.12.2022 (Friday) 1:45 p.m Men’s 10 km sprint ZDF
10.12.2022 (Saturday) 11:30 Women’s 10 km pursuit Eurosport 2 /DazenAnd the ZDF
10.12.2022 (Saturday) 1:40 p.m Men’s 4 x 7.5 km relay Eurosport 2 /DazenAnd the ZDF
11.12.2022 (Sunday) 11:30 Women’s 4 x 6 km relay Eurosport 1 /DazenAnd the ZDF
11.12.2022 (Sunday) 14:15 The men’s pursuit is 12.5 km Eurosport 2 /DazenAnd the ZDF

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