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The missing submarine crew's time window closes

The missing submarine crew’s time window closes

The Indonesian naval ship KRI Singa sets off to take part in the search for the submarine KRI Nanggala.
Photo: dpa

After Australia, Malaysia and Singapore, the United States is now also helping to search for the missing Indonesian submarine off Bali. Experts say the 53 men on board had a chance to survive as of Saturday.

DrThe United States is supporting Indonesia in the search for a military submarine with 53 sailors missing since Wednesday, off Bali. “At the invitation of the Indonesian government, we are sending aircraft to help search for the missing submarine,” a US Defense Department spokesman said on Twitter. John Kirby, Thursday.

defense minister Lloyd Austin He will talk to fellow Indonesian Prabowo Subianto about more help on Friday.

The time window closes on Saturday morning

The 60-meter submarine, which was built 40 years ago in Germany, lost contact early Wednesday morning during an exercise. At that time it was about 95 km north of Bali. According to the Navy, “KRI Nanggala-402” would likely be underwater from 600 to 700 meters. Experts estimate that the crew can survive in the submarine for a maximum of 72 hours.

Photo: dpa

So far, four warships have participated in the search, two more from Malaysia and Singapore were on the way. Australia also agreed to help. The submarine was built by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft in Kiel at the end of the 1970s. A complete overhaul was completed in South Korea in 2012. It is one of five submarines in the Indonesian Navy.

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