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The most ambitious bike company from Austria

The most ambitious bike company from Austria

In the past few years, more and more startups are active in Austria that are fully committed to the growth of the “bicycle” market. The brutkasten team takes a look at the most advanced “Made in Austria” bike startups.

The bicycle market is growing and growing: As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, bicycle traffic has increased dramatically in the past twelve months. This is also evident from the sales figures. according to Federation of Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Suppliers of Sports Equipment of Austria (VSSÖ) 490,000 new bikes were sold, an increase of nearly 12 percent compared to 2019.

The growth market also offers great potential for Austrian startups. In addition, a new trend is currently establishing itself in Austria for so-called bike subscriptions, which want to offer an alternative to higher purchase costs and long delivery times. With innovative long-term rental systems there are often long waiting times for some bike models, as supply chains are affected during a crisis. Corona.

Emerging bike companies: a great overview

Brutkasten takes the current boom around cycling as an occasion and looks at one of the most “made in Austria” cycling startups. They can be found in a variety of areas – from producers to rental service providers.

Gorillas bike

With Bike Gorillaz, a new e-bike subscription provider will be launched in Vienna in mid-April. Prices range from 90-100 EUR per month and include insurance and service. Premium models such as the “Husqvarna Mountain Cross 5” or “Raymon TourRay E 5.0” e-mountain bike are available. With the signup model, the startup wants to offer an alternative to high acquisition costs and long lead times, so that nothing gets in the way of leisure time fun.

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Bikemap is one of the fastest growing cycling communities in the world. In more than 100 regions on all continents, Bikemap users have already created over seven million different routes on the web and across the app. The bike navigation platform Bikemap made a buzz with its ten million euro valuation at “2 Minuten 2 Million”.


Austrian founder Thomas Basman wants to provide back and buttock relaxation with his new type of Blobber bike saddle, as well as prevent early fatigue. Its seat is the first pneumatic saddle with a double chamber system and an integrated 3D printing damping element, ensuring an even and fast air distribution and thus supports natural pendulum movement when cycling.

Eddi Bike

The Viennese startup Eddi Bike will start its new bike rental concept in Vienna in March 2021. With a subscription that can be canceled annually, users can rent a bike permanently. In addition to the bike, the all-inclusive subscription also includes maintenance, repair and replacement in case of theft within 48 hours. With its all-inclusive subscription, Eddi Bike wants to intentionally differentiate itself from the well-known free-floating systems and attract users who use their bike every day.


The Vienna startup Gleam specializes in the development and production of e-cargo bikes. Thanks to the so-called dynamic tilt technology (DTT), the tricycles are easy to handle and thus can easily control tight bends in urban areas. After the successful showing of the pre-series model at Eurobike 2019, GLEAM has been in series production since May 2020. The cargo area of ​​the e-cargo bike can be individually designed using its online configurator. Due to its possible versatility, the bike is also known as a “multi-use bike”. Only recently, the startup raised € 300,000 in capital for further growth via its Green Rocket crowdfunding platform.

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Green storm

Founded in 2016 in an auto repair garage in Ellmau, Tirol, Greenstorm claims to now operate the largest e-bike network in Europe. The company rents out e-bikes, e-cars and e-packing stations to high-quality hotels in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Additionally, Greenstorm is Europe’s largest used e-bike dealer and is committed to sustainability and bicycle recycling. Additionally, we are constantly working on new mobility solutions for everything related to e-bike.


Founded in 2018, Styrian startup iBike-Box has created an e-bike rental system and operates more than 100 e-bike rental stations in Austria. The startup has already been successfully internationalized. There are now 20 locations in Mallorca. This year alone, another 100 sites will be added. Primarily cooperates with tourism companies as partners. You are responsible for opening and closing the box and customer support on site. IBike boxes also act as charging stations and, thanks to the photovoltaic system, are partially energy self-sufficient.


My Esel is a new bike concept for urban bike made of wood. The algorithm calculates the frame dimensions and geometry of each bike individually to the buyer before production. Production data is generated by the software. This means custom production despite chain production. In 2017, the startup convinced investor Michael Altrichter of his idea as part of the Puls4 Show 2 Minuten 2 million program. Together with the start-up of the 300 business owners network, he invested € 250,000.

Paul and Ernst

Founded in 2017, startup Ball & Ernst develops and manufactures electrically powered cargo bikes for the catering trade in Wattens, Tirol. Our stomach bikes offer endless combinations of cooling and cooking appliances. The bikes can be individually designed with an online component, from grill bikes to ice cream bikes. The startup already has more than 150 clients from all over Europe.

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Woolen bike

The Vienna company Vello launched a lightweight, foldable e-bike. With the patented mechanism, cycling enthusiasts can shrink their Vello 4 times in no time at all. The belt drive model and hydraulic disc brakes are available in the ultra-light titanium version. The bike is also lightweight, at 12.9 kg with the motor and 9.9 kg without a motor. This is made possible by the ultra-light titanium frame.


With Bikeparker, Tanja Friedrich created a high-tech vertical bike rack. Salzburg-based Velovio was founded in March 2021. The modular bike rack, which can be attached to trees, lampposts or mounted in a row, offers a so-called “bike lift” that pulls the bikes vertically without effort, and a seat unit and charger for e-bikes.


Woom bikes are very popular with kids and are now known internationally, and the budding Klosterneuburg has also piqued investor interest. In the fall of 2020, former Runtastic founder Florian Gschwandtner co-founded the startup. In addition to traditional bikes, the startup also has kids’ e-bikes in its range. The bicycle factory previously produced in Cambodia. The founders recently announced that in the future a third of the bikes will be manufactured in Europe.

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