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The most successful Netflix series in the US?

Arcane (e) Netflix

Argon, the animated prequel series for the League of Legends gaming rights, has been breaking records on Netflix. According to an independent research firm, no other streaming article is currently successful in the United States.

The initial extension can be explained not only by the apparently rave reviews, but also by the strong audience numbers. According to Deadline Animated series used as a precursor to gaming rights “League of Legends“The biggest streaming hit in the United States between November 13th and 19th. This is shown by data from the independent analyst firm Parrot Analytics, which allows us to monitor and evaluate the visual enjoyment of as many representative subscribers as possible. The site itself recently announced official data: 38.42 million hours is said to have been streamlined by the successful design (we reported).

In the graphic (see below), it is very interesting to see which series the arcane was able to compete with during the study period. For example, Stranger Things (Netflix) and The Montalorian (Disney +) are lagging behind in second and third place, although no new products have been offered for a long time. Ted Lasso (Apple TV +) is surprisingly in fourth place because Apple is the smallest provider in the VoD business. The Big Fall hit squid game is in sixth place, followed by U.

Arcane ranks third in the streaming rankings globally, according to Parrot Analytics. Above is The Wheel of Time (Amazon Prime Video). Strangely, Silver goes to the Game of Thrones (HBO). Incidentally, success numbers are not given in absolute numbers or in quotations, but in factors. Respect 46.6X Argon was streamed 46.6 times higher than the average of all streaming series.

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Another point from the Parrot Report: Demand for argon rose 629 percent worldwide and 228 percent in the United States from the start of serial production on November 6 until the end of the survey on November 21. Criticisms and word of mouth may lead to an increase. Netflix is ​​also closely watching how well the extraordinary release model used for this series works. Instead of uploading the entire season as a complete set, it was decided to offer three new episodes each Saturday.

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