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The murderer who escaped from the Regensburg District Court was caught in France

The murderer who escaped from the Regensburg District Court was caught in France

Last Thursday, the man made a spectacular escape from the Regensburg District Court. Police officers now caught him in France. His lawyers are now charging the county court.

one of Convicted murderers who escaped from the Regensburg District Court in Bavaria He was arrested. Police said Monday evening that investigators had arrested the 40-year-old in France, near the German border. Details should not be provided until Tuesday.

The fugitive Algerian and his accomplice attacked a lottery shop in Nuremberg in 2011 and killed its 76-year-old owner. In 2013, he was sentenced to life in prison and has been in jail ever since. He had to answer before the Regensburg District Court for resisting law enforcement officials in prison.

Window escaped during the negotiation pause

Last Thursday, he ran out of a courtroom window during a recess in the hearing. According to the police, the man was untied for a conversation with his defense lawyer. However, the judge only ordered that the restrictions be lifted for the main session. There was no warrant to remove the shackles.

The spokesperson said it could not be answered as to why the defendant was able to enter the lawyer’s office without being restrained. Until further notice, the room will only be available to attorneys and non-custodial clients.

The lawyer for the person who fled last week has filed allegations against the officials in the district court. Attorney Moritz Schmidt-Frick told Focus Online that the possibility of meeting clients was not well resolved there in two ways. On the one hand, the lawyer criticized that the room had a hard-to-see frosted glass pane, and on the other hand, he criticized the open windows.

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