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“The Musical Features” at Sparkus Hall: Wiener Neustadt sings!

“The Musical Features” at Sparkus Hall: Wiener Neustadt sings!

Music lovers came on March 26. 2023 in Sparkassensaal Wiener Neustadt for the “Musical Highlights” event. The show presented a variety of popular songs from various musicals performed by talented artists. More than 200 visitors enjoyed the performances which also included some exciting dance performances.

The event, which took place for the 15th time in Wiener Neustadt, was revived by the Made in Japan organization and featured an impressive cast of artists: Matty Camaras, Lukas Biermann, István César, Dieter Hormann, Natsuki Yamaguchichi, Birgitte Scheibenreif and Anna Rosa. Döller, Simone Niederer, Bettyna Puskas and Anna Ebruster do their best to dazzle the audience with their musical skill and expressive performances.

The variety program included songs from such famous musicals as “Elizabeth”, “Evita”, “West Side Story”, “A Star Is Born”, “Cats”, “The Great Comet of 1812”, “Phantom of the Great Side”. Opera”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “I’m From Austria”. The artists convinced themselves with their individual interpretations of the songs and took the audience on a musical journey through the world of musicals.

Particularly impressive were the dance intervals, which influenced musical performances on the stage. The combination of singing, dancing, and acting made the event an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

The “Musical Highlights” event proves once again that Wiener Neustadt is a very important place for culture and music. The excited crowd can’t wait for the next edition of this popular event and more “musical highlights” are presented.