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The mutation of the new coronavirus is said to be coming from Switzerland - Coronavirus

The mutation of the new coronavirus is said to be coming from Switzerland – Coronavirus

Italian researchers have discovered for the first time a mutation in Corona, which is said to come from Switzerland. It is as contagious as the British.

On Saturday, news came that the Indian coronavirus boom was in Switzerland and And so on the border with Austria is being. The next excitement comes on Sunday: For the first time, an independent Swiss type of coronavirus has been detected. Italian newspaper reports “printing”. The alternative was discovered by researchers in the laboratory of the Candiolo Cancer Institute in Turin, Italy.

The new substitute was discovered in a 57-year-old man who lives in the Turin region. Why was the “Swiss alternative” baptized? This is due to the fact that the corresponding B. 1.1.39 mutation is being detected in Switzerland, said Andrea Sutil, General Manager of Istituto di Candiolo. “a look” Implement. In fact, B. 1.1.39 was discovered as early as 1132 – much more than anywhere else in the world.

“Like a highly contagious English”

Swiss infection scientist Christian Garzoni explains it all. “I think the Swiss boom is one of many that have been described,” says Garzoni when asked by “20 Minuten”. “It may not be more dangerous than the English variant and is covered by our vaccines,” Garzoni continued. Garzoni is the Director of Health at Clinica Luganese in Ticino.

However, the following also applies: “The Swiss alternative, like English, is highly contagious,” the Italian researchers wrote. They also assume that B.1.1.39 can be well combated with approved vaccinations. The same can be read on the official website of the government of Piedmont, and its capital is Turin.

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This mutation, which the researchers have dubbed the “Swiss variant,” is the fourth to be discovered in Piedmont – after the British, South African and Brazilian mutations. “We are watching the virus mutate,” said Luigi Icardi, regional health director in Piedmont.

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