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The new 140mm fans are a never-ending story

The new 140mm fans are a never-ending story

Secretly, quietly, quietly, Austrian air cooling experts from Noctua have postponed the new 140mm A-Series fans, which were already presented at Computex 2023 and thus postponed several times, for another quarter in April Computer base It has been noticed.

“The Next Generation” becomes a “never-ending story”

After postponing the Noctua Next-Generation 140mm A-Series from Q1 to Q2 2024 in December 2023, the Austrian manufacturer pushed back the expected release of the new 140mm fans in April to Q3, unnoticed by the quarter's postponement. The year is 2024. As of updated road map As it turns out, the Next-Generation NH-D15 is expected in the second quarter, and the new 140mm fans in the third quarter.

Source: Noctua

The new 140mm propellers will be discontinued due to ongoing issues with deformation of the proprietary liquid crystal polymer used in the frame, hub and rotor (Steroid LCP) Slowly but surely it is becoming a never-ending story for waiting PC builders.

The next generation NH-D15 will also likely come later

There are also legitimate doubts that the next-generation NH-D15, Noctua's new high-end CPU cooler, will be released in Q2 2024. The new top model will eventually be equipped with new 140mm fans from the now-delayed A-series. It wasn't until the beginning of March that Noctua had to announce the temporary end of its all-white fan series.

Bad news for white fans: Noctua has different priorities

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