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The new “Channels” function: beyond the WhatsApp feature

The new “Channels” function: beyond the WhatsApp feature

WhatsApp will soon have an opportunity for users to access information from companies and public figures. The messaging service is currently offering a new functionality in Germany.

WhatsApp in Germany is currently gradually opening a new function called “Channels”. Companies, celebrities or sports teams are allowed to do so Share content with WhatsApp usersAs the company announced on its home page.

These institutions can therefore publish texts, images and short videos in their name. This function is said to have already been used by Netflix, Sony Pictures, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig and Mark Zuckerberg, among others. However, for private users, it is not yet possible to use their own channel accordingly.

WhatsApp confirms that Privacy Top priority in this new role. Channels are separated from users’ private chats. The channels you follow should also not be visible to other subscribers.

New WhatsApp functionality: Expect the growth of many channels

Contributions from shared channels can be found within the app under the “Current” menu item, which also contains status reports from personal contacts. The largest channel with 5.4 million subscribers that appears in the “Popular” section is Channel From Real Madrid Football Club.

Many channels are expected to witness rapid growth in the coming days. Originally available in only ten countries, the channel feature is now available In more than 150 countriesincluding Germany.

The options available to users to interact with posts in channels are initially limited to six emojis, including “thumbs up,” heart, and crying face. Unlike regular WhatsApp chats, the channel operator’s phone number is not displayed to subscribers.

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WhatsApp deletes content shared in channels after 30 days. During this period it can be edited later. Additionally, admins have the option to block screenshots and forwards from their channels.

source: WhatsApp


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