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The new GoPro model makes the hearts of amateur filmmakers beat faster

The new GoPro model makes the hearts of amateur filmmakers beat faster

GoPro introduces a new flagship – the Hero 11 Black, which is said to feature a semi-square sensor. With the mini version, a smaller and cheaper variant will be offered.

In visual comparison, the new GoPro Hero 11 Black is no different from its predecessor, the Hero 10 Black – but there are some improvements under the hood. The new model now comes with an improved battery as standard instead of having to buy it separately.

The main feature of the action camera is the new sensor, which wants not only to record at 27 megapixels, but above all with its own dimensions. The sensor is almost square, which should offer the advantage of being able to shoot videos in 8:7 format so that the clips can then be edited in landscape and portrait format. Still other, more popular formats are possible.

New features

The maximum resolution of the camera is 5.3K, which is good advice not only for everyday use, but also for more professional matters. At higher frame rates, which is especially important for slow motion recordings, it can go up to 240 frames per second. Another new feature of the camera is the improved Hypersmooth 5.0 image stabilization.


If you want to save money, you have to do without two large screens, a GPS unit and stereo microphones with the GoPro Hero 11 Black Mini, and the battery is a bit weaker and irreplaceable.

Hero 11 Black is now available from the manufacturer for €549.99 – you have to wait until October 25 to get the mini version (€349.99).

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