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The new trailer offers a spooky preview of the free-to-play VR mode

The new trailer offers a spooky preview of the free-to-play VR mode

It’s been a few weeks since he met Leon S. Famous Kennedy Resident Evil 4 (From 25.00 euros He buys) remake I mentioned again. Just enough time to let the adrenaline level cool down a bit – and get ready for Upcoming free VR mode hiring.

For this exactly there thanks The PlayStation Showcase event took place last night and brought some highlights was one new trailer. With the promo, Capcom is giving us our first glimpse of what an immersive horror journey must be.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: The free VR mode is the ‘ultimate immersion’

As announced on the official PlayStation blog, Resident Evil 4’s VR mode will be available as a free add-on content for the PS5 version of the game and offers “the ultimate immersion.” You’ll be able to relive Leon’s nerve-wracking mission in VR as the entire main story will be playable on PlayStation VR2, as it continues he is called . The best way to see just how immersive the senses “Ultimately” finally is with the new trailer, which is about a minute and a half long:

So far pretty scary, but unfortunately we don’t have any information yet on when we can expect the VR mode for a reboot, as this is still in development. With us Detailed test, we have already explained whether Resident Evil 4 Overall worth it for you.