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The number of players increased to 700,000 – SHOCK2

The number of players increased to 700,000 – SHOCK2

Since the game's surprise launch, development studio Arrowhead Games Hell Divers 2 We'll be busy on February 8th. After the service's game set record after record, recently reaching a peak of 457,649 concurrent players on Steam alone, the developers introduced the Idle Kick patch. This patch ensures that players who have not moved for more than 15 minutes will be returned to the title screen to avoid “reserved seats” on the server.

The player cap is now 700,000

In time for the weekend, the concurrent number of players has now been increased to 700,000. However, Arrowhead Games CEO Johan Bilstedt warns that this number will not be enough and this server capacity will likely be reached again. However, Bilstedt assumes wait times will become more bearable

“I have one last update for tonight. We have updated the CCU cap to 700,000. Unfortunately, we expect CCU to reach this level. We assume wait times will be more bearable. Tomorrow we will make some final improvements for the weekend.

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