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The “offer” is from 31 May 2024

The “offer” is from 31 May 2024

Here you can browse the full issue of Schaffinster magazine, which will be published in the Press on Friday. This time: a magazine that brings together people who operate film cameras in front of a photo camera.

If I had enough time and was looking for a pop quote for the last page of the “View” issue with illustrator Nina Ober (the idea being that the quote should serve as a soundtrack to the magazine's theme), I'd listen at the same time this time. On Irene Cara's “Breakdance” (1983) and — well: let's just say the choice was driven more by the content than the music. I suppose the B-boys and B-girls community, as break fans call themselves, were completely unaffected by this nonsense at the time. This type of dancing originated in the streets of the Bronx and Manhattan neighborhoods in New York in the 1970s, and at that time people talked specifically about “break dancing” and not about “break dancing” (perhaps the working knowledge of “Million Dollar Shows”).

In 2024, this dynamic form of street culture has risen to the top of the sporting Olympus for the first time and is part of the 'Olympics' in Paris. I thought this was a great opportunity to photograph some of the representatives of the Austrian scene: Severin Warnig perfectly captured the movements of Eva Prinz, Elias Rosas Rondinelli and Ben Siegel, Barbara Zak produced the series, and Magdalena Meyer directed the interviews. I hope you have a dynamic time — and if you're listening to “Breakdance” on Spotify at the same time, an eventful time as well — reading this. Yours, Daniel Kalt

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