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The old red tram is on the verge of extinction

The old red tram is on the verge of extinction

They can tell you exactly when this happens Wiener lines Don't say anymore. However, they did not travel at all in the western part of the city for a few weeks. They are only used on a third of the lines and even there often only in the early peak or as replacement trains. In all, there are only about 80 trams left Type E2 In use. But soon the point is reached where training and stocking up on spare parts no longer pays off.

was built Type E Between 1959 and 1990 in three different versions. The two prototypes were received by the workforce Nicknames “Emil” and “Eddie”. This is why the tram got its nickname Emil For the red tram. But the first vehicles had very weak engines, which is why they were developed further in 1966 E1 It was an introduction. From 1971 onwards they also ran without conductors. These trams were actually only supposed to be used until 2000, but the last two trams were actually only taken out of service last year. Some were delivered to Poland, Hungary and Romania. Previously, the E-1 completed its farewell flight on Line 30 from Stammersdorf to Floridsdorf.

Only 80 E2 trains are still in use

The version introduced in 1978 is the only one currently available E2 Traveling in Vienna. of drivers”Alternating breaker“The aforementioned trains are also displayed in a modified version on the website Light Rail Or later U6 Used until 2009. E2 is currently still running as scheduled Lines D, 1, 2, 6, 11, 25, 26, 30, 38 and 71, But only on working days. But here too, operations are gradually being reduced, and recently operations stopped at Al-Sitti a few weeks ago. Some tram drivers come to work only every few months.

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Several trains were involved in accidents. Decorations have achieved a sad notoriety Car number 4025. This was derailed twice on Line 71 at the same place due to excessive speed – and with corner houses Simmeringer Gottschalkgasse Collide. Beam's car also crashed into a bank, killing one person and wounding 40 others. Tragic and strange details: The two trains were driven by a married couple.

Of the 320 E2 units originally planned, only a good third were ultimately purchased. In the 1990s, streetcars became obsolete, and people wanted them because of that Subway construction Instead reduce lines and bars. was so Accessibility Increasingly an issue. This marked the beginning of the end for the E-Class.

Vienna's streets are now mainly dominated by 332 streets ULFs engraved. “Grays”Very low floorHowever, “they were not built for seven years because they were so prone to breakdowns. At times, up to a quarter of the vehicles were not in operation. Internally, they were given derogatory names such as 'Tupperware trains.'

Wiener Linien is currently purchasing 119 Flexibility– Trams, 75 of which are currently operating. Entry height is only 21.5cm. In any case, it was almost too late for representatives of the disabled, as they repeatedly criticized the switch from high floor to high floor. Low floor It has already lasted nearly 30 years.