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The ORF Reception in Salzburg attracted first-class guests »Leaderzent

The ORF Reception in Salzburg attracted first-class guests »Leaderzent

| Tobias Seyfried

| 07/27/2022

For the first time, the new general manager Roland Weissmann invited to a cocktail party for the media company.

With the traditional celebration at the Felsenreitschule on July 26, 2022, Federal President Alexander van der Bellen officially opened the Salzburg Festival 2022. subordinate ORF The event was broadcast live, thus starting a comprehensive program focused on the 102nd edition of the world-famous festival. According to Public Radio, its cultural team presents about 100 hours of television and radio programs. There is also a wide range of Internet and information services

The general manager is invited to the cocktail party

To get in the mood for this, traditional ORF– a reception for the Director General in Salzburg, which Roland Weissmann invited for the first time on this mission. About 100 guests from art, culture, politics and business gathered at iPhone ORF– TV Culture Director Martin Traxl moderated the event in the Patrons’ Hall in the Grand Ballroom.

“For 97 years, that is, almost from the very beginning, Public Broadcasting has been a reliable media partner of the Salzburg Festival, which today is also attributed to the excellent cooperation with ORF It is not only the most important cultural scene in Austria, but also unique in the world”, emphasizes ORFGeneral Manager Roland Weissmann. “I am delighted that the entire ORF cultural fleet can once again use its strengths this year to make this special cultural event accessible to as many people as possible across the country and beyond. Over 100 hours of TV and radio programming as well as a wide-ranging focus on the Internet from During the live broadcasts of first-class concerts and opera performances, detailed reports as well as accompanying documents, magazine programs or artist talks bring our audience closer to the cultural phenomenon of the Salzburg Festival in all its aspects. I would like to thank everyone participating for their commitment and wish them a successful summer festival”, he says. Weissmann.

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First class guests

The next guests left ORF– Don’t miss a cocktail party: Salzburg Festival Director Markus Hinterhauser, new Festival President Christina Hammer, Commercial Director Lukas Kripaz, Concert Director Florian Wiegand and outgoing “Paramore” Verena Altenburger, plus members of the Board of Trustees Jürgen Mendel (Head of Arts and Culture in the Federal Chancellery) and Christian Kircher (Managing Director Bundestheater-Holding), Board of Directors of the Friends of Salzburg Festival Siegbert Stronegger, CEO of Siemens Wolfgang Hesoun, Managing Director of Unitel Ernst Buchrucker and Cultural Directors Johanna Raschinger (Austrian National Library), and Bettina Lidl ( Quartier), Elisabeth Schweiger and Manuela Reichert (Culture Capital in Bad Ischl), as well– Editor-in-chief Julia Weininger, publisher and media director as Christian Reiner (Profile personly), Christian Mucha (Extra service) or Marcus Nevelstein (Managing Director of Good heart Germany and Good heart-coordinator ARD). By ORF Among others, the following were involved: Commercial Director Eva Schindlauer, Broadcasting Director Ingrid Thornhair, Technical Director Harald Krauter, Salzburg State Director Waltraud Langer, ORF-IIIProgram Director and Head of Cultural Program Coordination ORF Peter Schweber, as well O1-President Martin Bernhofer, Lothar Lockle and Franz Medwinich – Chairman and Vice Chairman ORF– Constituent Board and Supervisors Teresa Vogel, Clarissa Stadler and Eva Poelzel.

Leadercent He was present at the event. You can find impressions on our website Gallery.