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The Oscars: This is how the nomination works

The Oscars: This is how the nomination works

It is a long and detailed film, the law by which a film is accepted for an Oscar nomination. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences bundle consists of 38 closely written pages. All works that could be seen in a movie theater for at least seven days in one of six designated US metropolitan areas between January 1 and December 31, 2022, were considered for this year’s award. There are exceptions only for categories such as the Foreign Academy Award.

The once-existing rule that films had to be shown in Los Angeles County for seven days is a thing of the past. On the other hand, live broadcast productions are not eligible for an Academy Award. Works produced by Netflix & Co. must also have a theatrical release at least at the same time according to said specifications in order to potentially enter the Oscar race. All films must be at least 40 minutes long – except for short films nominated.

How to become a member of the Academy?

If all of these criteria are met, voting begins. And this is what about 10,000 members of the Academy do. In the final round, they decide the winner(s) in all 23 categories from Camera to Best Film. Most of the nominations were selected by the individual chapters. There are 17 branches within the Academy, with Actors and Producers being the largest groups.

A motion picture artist’s path leads to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences through an Oscar nomination, through special film recommendations or services. One cannot buy membership, one is called. The Academy has been trying for several years to increase the number of minorities and women in its ranks.

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Oscar judges must submit their ballots by mail or online. The Oscars must be received on the Tuesday before they are awarded at the latest – this year on March 7. According to ancient tradition, the auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers manually counts votes in a secret location. Closely protected results in 23 categories will be transported directly to the award ceremony in sealed envelopes. So it can be said again on the night of March 12-13: “And the winner is …”