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The panorama shows the largest volcano in the solar system in sweeping splendor

The panorama shows the largest volcano in the solar system in sweeping splendor

Mars is smaller than Earth, but has a volcano 100 times larger than Earth's. The most massive on earth He. Mount Olympus rises. Its height is 27 km.. This is three times higher than Mount Everest. However, the upward gradient is relatively moderate. The whole mountain extends across 600 km wide. NASA has now released a new panoramic image of the largest volcano in the solar system.

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The spacecraft turned to see the horizon.

The image was taken by the Mars rover. 2001 Mars Odyssey. Its cameras are usually directed downwards. For registration The entire spacecraft turned around And directed towards the Martian horizon.

The photo was taken in March Describes NASA. Of interest to space research is not only the giant mountain at the center, which protrudes like a black eye from the red surface of Mars, but also… multicolored layers of air Turn it around.

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Water ice clouds up to 50 kilometers high

The bluish-white layer above Olympus Mons indicates dust, while the purple layer shows a mixture of dust and water ice clouds. A bluish-green layer shows water ice up to 50 kilometers high. “Image Not only does it look amazing“, Mashable quotes “It saves us, too,” NASA scientist Jeffrey Plaut said Unique scientific data“.

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