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The plane turned back due to passenger flatulence

The plane turned back due to passenger flatulence

For many, flying is associated with stress, which sometimes manifests itself physically. In the US, a passenger reportedly developed flatulence.

An American Airlines flight was reportedly delayed because a passenger struggled with excessive flatulence — and was reportedly removed from the plane. In a viral post on the Reddit platform, a user reported about a flight that allegedly flew from Phoenix (Arizona, USA) to Austin (Texas, USA). Accordingly, the incident took place on Sunday, January 14.

A Reddit user noticed a man on a plane muttering something to himself about being “audible” or “hungover.” When most of the passengers had already boarded the plane, the man reportedly started yelling loudly.

Aside from embarrassed faces and a few smiles, as Reddit user “Glamgalatx” describes in his post, no one reacted at first. But after some passengers started eating small snacks, the loudmouth complained about the “disgusting smell of food”.

“That's too bad.”

Someone in the back row of seats yelled at him to fly solo next time. An argument ensued, and the distraught passenger said, “This is so rude, you have no class.”

A Reddit user writes: “Nearby flight attendants intervened and told the pubsman: 'That's enough!'

The flight attendants initially continued their journey, but as the plane was taxiing towards the runway, it came to an abrupt halt. The captain then reportedly announced over the plane's loudspeaker that the plane was returning to the gate to disembark the flatlining passenger. The man got off the plane without protesting.

The incident could not be independently confirmed. British newspaper “The Independent” asked “American Airlines” if the matter, as reported on Reddit, actually happened. The airline has yet to respond.