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The Pope: Theology is a “companion” of science

The Pope: Theology is a “companion” of science

Theological knowledge is necessary in light of “the challenges posed by technological and scientific progress” and is valuable in today’s historical change. The Pope stressed this on Friday to members of the International Network of Catholic Theological Societies.

Mario Galgano – Vatican City

Creative fidelity to tradition, transdisciplinarity, and community – these are the three “directions of development” of theology, called to be a “companion of the sciences and all critical knowledge,” the Pope said in his speech. In this way, theology helps ensure that different cultures do not “collide” but rather “become a symphony in dialogue.”

Francis received members of the international network of Catholic theological societies at the Vatican on Friday. It is a network that aims to promote academic theology and theological research on different continents through communication between member communities, through research projects and conferences, and supporting the ecumenical movement and interreligious dialogue.

Audience in the Vatican

Valuable service

Francis stressed that “theology is indeed a precious church service that we need.” Indeed, it is “valuable in the changing times in which we live, in multi-ethnic societies that are in constant motion, where different peoples, languages ​​and cultures relate to each other in order to deal with critical awareness with the construction of human civilization.” A coexistence “oriented towards peace, solidarity, universal brotherhood and concern for our common home”.

“To understand what is human, what is worthy of man, and what is irreducible to man because he is divine.”

Theology is also needed in relation to new technical developments, because “the challenges of technical and scientific progress – just think of artificial intelligence – today force us to come together to understand what is human, what is worthy of human beings, and what is in man.” It is irreducible because it is divine, that is, the image and likeness of God in Christ. He then referred to tradition, transdisciplinarity and community as the three essential “ingredients” of the Catholic theologian’s vocation at the heart of the Church.

Audience in the Vatican

Audience in the Vatican

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The Pope stressed that “tradition is alive because it embodies the Gospel, which is the wisdom of life for all.” Pluralism of knowledge is therefore “not a fad” but “a demand of the theological sciences” that “listen to the discoveries of other sciences in order to deepen the teachings of the faith, while at the same time offering Christian wisdom for human development.” Of science.” Francis continued that the responsibility for such a “daunting” task “also brings with it a spirit of collegiality and synodality in the path of research.”

Teachings of Benedict XVI

Quoting Benedict This expansion must also take place in theology, “to be a critical knowledge of the life of every human being and the people of God, combining science and virtue, critical reason and love.” The Pope said: “The Catholic faith is a faith that works through love, otherwise it is a dead faith.” He concluded his speech by saying: “Therefore, the theology of wisdom is the theology of love.”

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