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The Pope’s car fleet is scheduled to become climate neutral by 2030

The Pope’s car fleet is scheduled to become climate neutral by 2030

Pope Francis will rely on electric cars for his private fleet at the Vatican in the future. In order to make the Papal States and its vehicle fleet cleaner, state vehicles will be gradually replaced by electric vehicles from the Volkswagen and Skoda brands, the Vatican City Administration announced on Wednesday. The entire vehicle fleet must be CO2 neutral by 2030 in order to achieve climate neutrality in the world’s smallest country.

To this end, a partnership agreement will be signed with the Volkswagen Group. Volkswagen announced in the evening that the company will deliver approximately 40 fully electric models of the at the beginning of 2024. In later stages, additional zero-emission cars from Volkswagen Group brands will be delivered successively to the Vatican. The goal is to electrify the city’s entire fleet by 2030.

The prefecture’s announcement continued that a separate charging network for electric vehicles will also be established on small national territories and in extraterritorial areas. Volkswagen is a strategic partner in this regard. It was not known at first how many chariots there were in the Papal States.

Environmental protection is very important to Pope Francis. In the spirit of his 2015 environmental encyclical Laudato Si and his current apostolic exhortation Laudato Si’, the Vatican wants to become climate neutral. This must be achieved, among other things, through the responsible use of natural resources, the purchase of clean and alternative energy products, for example for transport or waste disposal, and sustainable mobility.