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The powerful "Adler" also sent home Innsbruck "High" with no points!  - EC iDM VSV heat pumps

The powerful “Adler” also sent home Innsbruck “High” with no points! – EC iDM VSV heat pumps

Narrow wins are especially important — especially for team morale. That is why today’s 4: 3 victory for the blue and whites against the powerful and compact “Hay” from Innsbruck is so important. By the way, the winner of the game was Nikola Matrenin, and Anthony Luciani also scored a “double package”!

The match against the second in the table in Innsbruck began with a lightning start from “Adler”: Arturus Kolda brought the puck in front of the goal of “High” Thomas McCollum in the second minute, where Anthony Luciani was in his place and sank the puck completely out of the air spectacularly for an early 1-0 lead. However, the guests fought back after the early shock and used the majority game in the ninth minute to equalize 1: 1. The goal was scored by Corey McCain. As a result, the blue and white took more and more control and created some good scoring opportunities, but nobody wanted to score another goal in the first 20 minutes.

In the midsection, the blues and whites increasingly increased the pressure, frequently tying up the HouseGuests in thirds. But Innsbruck always remained dangerous with quick counter-attacks. More or less balanced, at least until the 29th minute, when Robert Sabulich, with one momentary crack in the near corner, drowned out a wonderful pass from Arturs Kulda through the entire third – 2: 1. Innsbruck keeper McCollum had no chance at all. But the reaction of the guests was not long in coming: in the 32nd minute, Martin Ulmer made it 2-2 in favor of the Tyroleans. After that, this match went back and forth, and both teams didn’t hide, they just wanted to win. A little more “Adler”: they use a power play – Anders Krogsgaard had to go into the penalty area for two minutes due to a foul – with a real dream move: Robert Sabolic brought the puck to Simon Despres, who played John Hughes and he in turn served Anthony Luciani perfectly, who managed to slip into the empty goal. A dream goal for a hero 3: 2.

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In the final third, the Blue and Whites started with three minutes of power remaining – Tyler Cuma was sent into the cool-down zone by the umpires shortly before the end of the midsection to catch him and subsequently slammed him with a 2+2 minute penalty. But soon the advantage turned into four on four on the ice, where Andrew Desjardins was also sent to the penalty area for a trip. But “Adler” happily continued to play forward, on the 42nd minute Philip Leander had a chance to score, but his shot missed the guests’ goal. However, they showed themselves cool in the counterattack: Helewka, outnumbered after losing a puck in the offensive third, moved to JP Lamoureux alone and made it 3: 3 (43). But the “Adlers” did not give up, immediately cleared the gate and found the right answer: on a powerful play, Alexander Rauchenwald sent to Nicolas Mattinen, who put the ball into the net – 4: 3 (48). And Chris Collins almost made the preliminary decision from an almost impossible angle with 4: 2, but the supposed goal of the blue and white was not recognized by the referees. So it stayed with a narrow victory for Blue and White!

Heat pumps EC iDM VSV – HC TIWAG Innsbruck 4:3
Goals: Luciani (2nd, 35), Sabulic (29), Matinen (48); McCain (9), Ulmer (32), Heliuca (43 st)

Images: VSV/Krammer