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The president of the Women’s Football League in the United States has resigned

US Confederation and FIFA players suspect sexual abuse.

Lisa Baird, president of the American Women’s Football Professional League (NFSL), has resigned after allegations of sexual harassment by female players surfaced in the NWSL. The league confirmed this in a brief statement on Twitter on Saturday night. Accordingly, the NWSL accepted Byrd’s offer to resign. According to standard media reports, Lisa Levine should be another top official.

This was triggered by allegations against North Carolina Garage coach Paul Riley, who sexually abused two players following a report by the Athlete Portal. The league interrupted its game activities and canceled all games scheduled for this weekend.

Meanwhile, FIFA began hearing the cases on Friday, and the American Association, which founded the league in 2013, continued to provide financial assistance despite the league being independent for a year.

The relay case is not the first. The other two coaches had previously lost their jobs due to misconduct. The Women Athletes Association (NWSLPA) also criticized “formal abuse” in the league. Several players spoke, including Megan Robino and Alex Morgan. In May, Morgan Baird made public his response to allegations made by a player. Robinho said, “Burn everything. Let their heads roll all over.”


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