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The Quick Crunch: Is Didi Kohbauer Really Narrowing?  That's what Zoran Barisic says!  - Bundesliga

The Quick Crunch: Is Didi Kohbauer Really Narrowing? That’s what Zoran Barisic says! – Bundesliga

141 games, 70 wins, 25 draws, 46 defeats. Didi Kohbauer is the head coach of the team SK Rapid Vienna Indeed it reads well, but after two successful seasons (and two runners-up in a row), Hütteldorfer is struggling hard this season. And at the latest after the recent 1:4 bankruptcy against WAC, alarm bells should be sounding in West Vienna.

Zoran Barisic: “We failed as a whole team”

Emmanuel Ayew said on Sunday after the disaster: “I have a feeling that everyone did what they wanted. Maybe we all sit down and honestly tell each other what doesn’t work for him. It certainly can’t go on like this.” in the Lavant Valley. After a match in which Didi Kühbauer’s followers missed all the advantages that Rapid’s team should bring to the field.

The fast coach himself spoke of a “shameful” performance. “It was torture from the first minute to the 90th minute,” Kohbauer said. He also chose Rapids Managing Director Zoran Barisic against Delivery man Clear words: “We can lose, but not like that. We failed completely as a team and got bogged down in individual business.”

Indoor discussions in Hutteldorf

In the meantime, there should be internal discussions in Hütteldorf about coach Kühbauer’s future. Is Burgenland still expected to turn into the corner or will it continue with a new coach after the international break? “I certainly wouldn’t demonize everything,” Barisic asserts, but “the tournament is going badly, there’s no doubt about that,” as the speed sports director knows.

Zoran Barisic does not want to participate in a “discussion about media training”, but there will be no job guarantee for his friend Didi Kohbauer either.

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Photo: Richard Burgstaler

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