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The range is growing: FACC offers more than 300 different working time models

The range is growing: FACC offers more than 300 different working time models

FACC AG extends the range of business time models with a modern reinterpretation of job sharing. In addition, those returning from parental leave are given the opportunity to work part-time in productions.

cane. Over the past two years, the number of different working time models in FACC has tripled. While about 80 to 100 different working time models were introduced in 2021, there are currently more than 300 across the company. “The trend is towards highly flexible models based on the individual needs of each employee,” says George Horace, Vice President of Human Resources.

Rethink job sharing

The measures introduced also include raising the level of job sharing. In this model, two people share the duties and responsibilities of a full-time job. This gives part-time workers access to interesting (management) positions and, in particular, enables working parents to continue their careers without gaps. The concept is also an interesting perspective for older people who benefit from part-time work arrangements or for young professionals, supporting the transfer of knowledge from older to younger employees.

future business model

The new approach is already being successfully used in the IT and security sector, where there is currently an acute shortage of skilled workers: “Job sharing is a business model of the future. We look forward to making an important contribution to the necessary cultural change,” says Alexander Hochmer, Vice President of IT and Security at FACC. Kathryn Gerauer (34 years old) and Katharina Brunender (36 years old) are the first two IT experts to successfully implement this concept since last November: “The job-sharing model allows us to carry out required projects even part-time and optimally combine family and work.”

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Flexibility is the be and end of everything

FACC is one of the few companies that offers a flexible part-time model not only for employees, but also in production. This makes it easier for female employees, in particular, to return to work after maternity leave. Here it is possible to freely agree on the number of working hours required. For employees, it is also possible to provide up to 100 percent of the home office, depending on the agreement with the respective manager. Up to 10 additional vacation days is also possible under flexi time agreements.

Part time offers for students

The company also wants to inspire young talent. In this way, Bachelor graduates can start working part-time during their Master’s degree with complete freedom in managing their time. During the intensive learning or testing phases, working hours can be reduced and compensated flexibly at a later time.