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The raw stuff – art is everywhere

The raw stuff – art is everywhere

This Friday, for the third time, the book “The Raw Stuff” was presented at KAPU Linz. In addition to a book presentation and an exhibition by some of the participating artists, there was also a concert. On stage: Swanmay, Lobos, and Black Rainbow. A completely successful evening!

“The Raw Stuff” has been showing how many great artists there are not only in Linz but all over Austria for three years now. Artwork from posters, flyers, album covers and more. Of course, this was also available for purchase that evening, which we highly recommend! You can read why here. But otherwise too Connected. Participating artists displayed their works on two floors and offered them for sale. From prints to t-shirts to bags and ashtrays.

Known, appropriate and good

The show was accompanied by music from about half past nine. No longer well-known in Linz, Swanmay has been in the business for several years and has become a staple of the Linz rock scene. Of course, the new album “Frantic Feel” is also included, and you can of course also find a review here on As usual, he was great on stage. Raw, energetic and melodic, a true demolition of stoner rock in a well-filled hall. This is the way you want it to be, no frills, but the way stonecropping should be.

Then we continued with lupus. A clear break from Suanmai before. Much quieter, with obvious folk and blues elements. Quieter, but more spherical. Music that builds up and literally fills the room. So great to hear and feel. TERRIME INCLUDED! Much harder and certainly more classic as far as Stoner Rock is concerned, Black Rainbows are out. Heavy psych stoner that gets your neck moving again. Too bad the hall was so empty, you missed something!

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In short: a wonderful and varied evening, and we are already looking forward to the fourth volume!

Photos: Andreas Wurster