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The release date of the physical version and content has been revealed

The release date of the physical version and content has been revealed

Cuphead fans have had to wait a full five years, but now the indie hit with unusual cartoon art style is finally getting a physical copy for retail.

I kept in First test two weeks ago Most of the details about the commercial release are still to themselves, and the exact release date and variants players are in has now been revealed. Cuphead It can be put on the shelf soon.

Cuphead: The physical version comes in two flavors

If you want the bare minimum, get the standard version of the game, which includes extensive DLC Delicious last course It contains another island with some very dangerous new bosses. Plus, Studio MDHR treats you to an exclusive graphic on the inside of the package, a Cuphead Club membership card and some pretty trading cards.

If that’s not enough for die-hard Cuphead fans, you can get access to a very exclusive Collector’s Edition. In addition to the game and downloadable content, it includes a handmade Cuphead doll, a small music box, an Inkwell Islands sticker, a protective cover for wrapping your game, and a theatrical-style box to properly present the doll.

The unveiling of the two versions was also celebrated with a particularly impressive trailer, which highlighted three dolls from Cuphead, Mugman and Miss Chalice, in keeping with the Collectors Edition. While searching for treasure in the deep sea, the three friends stumble upon the actual version of the game.

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Cuphead: cost and release date

You can get the collector’s edition exclusively from And it costs you a whopping $199.99, a release date planned for the first quarter of 2023. Of course, the Standard Edition, which you want $39.99 for and which comes out on December 6, 2022, is much cheaper.

For now, you can only import the regular version from the USA via Target and Best Buy, but typical of iam8bit, the Cuphead should also end up in our regular sale and will soon be available at your electronics retailer of choice.