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The Romanovs celebrate their first wedding

The Romanovs celebrate their first wedding

IIn Saint Petersburg, for the first time in more than a century, a member of the former Imperial Romanov family had a wedding. The church wedding of Georgiz Romanov and Victoria Romanovna – who had previously been married in a civil manner at the registry office where they lived in Moscow – took place in St. Isaac’s Cathedral in the heart of the former capital. The 40-year-old Romanov is the grandson of Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich, the last cousin of Tsar Nicholas II, who was shot by the Bolsheviks, his wife and five children in July 1918 in Yekaterinburg.

The Grand Duke managed to escape to Finland from the Bolsheviks. He assumed the Russian throne, as did the mother of the current groom, who appears as the head of the Romanov family. His 39-year-old bride is the daughter of an Italian diplomat, who was named Rebecca Petarini until she converted to Russian Orthodox Christianity last year and wrote detective novels in the past, among other things.

An opportunity to “show modern Russia”

In an interview with the news portal, Romanov emphasized the great importance of St. Petersburg for his family. Born in Spain, he spent most of his life there and in France. Romanov first came to Russia in 1992 and moved there three years ago, according to his own version, first to the Moscow region, and then to an apartment not far from the capital’s Kremlin. According to, he is ranked 140th in the line of succession to the British throne as the great-grandson of Queen Victoria.

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After the wedding on Friday, the couple went to the Peter and Paul Fortress on an island in the Neva, where there was a closed ceremony. The cathedral, as the photos show, was filled with people standing close to each other and not wearing masks. Romanov told that after “many months of the epidemic”, his festival will provide the opportunity “to show many foreign guests, Petersburg, modern Russia.”

Saint Petersburg is “the best we can show all our guests after this difficult time”. In fact, the epidemic is causing a large number of casualties in Russia these days. In addition, there are still restrictions on entering Russia. Therefore, Romanov had to thank the State Department for assistance in regulating visas. He also thanked the Ministry of Culture for its assistance in reaching the festival venues.

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