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The Russian speed skater celebrates victory over the United States with two middle fingers – and explains himself

At the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, Dane Aldoshkin caused a stir with his controversial happy gesture.

Daniil Aldoshkin explains his controversial cheering gesture. (Photo: REUTERS / Susana Vera)

The incident took place on Tuesday morning, German time, at the National Speed ​​Skating Hall in Beijing. After the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) team won the semifinals, 20-year-old Dane Aldoshkin revealed an obscene celebration.

With Two middle fingers in the air Celebrated speed skater entering final. As the United States was on the opposing team, voices were quickly raised that it was a gesture of insult to the opponent. The relationship between Russia and the United States is politically very tense due to the crisis in Ukraine.

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“Emotions were captured at the finish line”

An explanation that Altoshkin did not want to hear. “I threw my hands up, this is my first medal at the Olympics,” the athlete said. “It does not mean anything in those ways. I’m sorry if I hurt anyone.”

Alexei Kravtsov, president of the Russian Speed ​​Skating Federation, also reassured in the same media: “Emotions have occupied the finish line. However, there is no sophisticated message in his plot. We apologize if the situation is perceived otherwise.

Norway won the gold, beating the Russian athletes in the final

The middle finger issue was also an issue in the final run, in which ROC led the Norwegian team to silver.

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“I think it’s a spontaneous reaction to them coming to the final,” said gold medalist Hulkier Engebroden, who did not need to use the title further: “He explained everything, that’s enough for me.”

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