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The Salzburg Crisis: Everyone remains a man

The Salzburg Crisis: Everyone remains a man

Replacing the entire ‘Everyman’ team at the start of the new acting director’s term may come as a surprise. But she has her reasons. Aesthetically, anyway. Apparently finances too. analysis.

Michael Mertens explained that it would be “the last male Everyman”, but told Presse more cautiously: “With ‘Everyman’ it would be possible to reverse the genders.” So the boyfriend is a hot man – or a woman, she’s just a lesbian, and I don’t see any problem with that. But I’m a man,” he said in July 2023, then played the role of Everyman convincingly until the end of August. This was his only season in the role: As it became known on Sunday evening, Marina Davydova, the new manager of Salzburg, is planning a new production. With a new director Or, more likely, a new manager will replace Michael Sturminger after seven years.

Davydova needs to make a name for herself

That was expected. Not only because in general, as it is said in “Every Man,” our days and work on earth are fleeting and even archaic. But also in particular. First, Marina Davydova needs to make a name for herself quickly after the generally weak era of her predecessor Bettina Hering, and what better way to do that than with a new “everyman”? Second, Storminger’s third attempt at an “everyman” play was a shining example of what serious theater should not do: superficially appropriate current issues – in this case the problem of climate change.