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The second episode of Season 3 introduces, among other things, a new West Coast competition and “Motorpass”

The second episode of Season 3 introduces, among other things, a new West Coast competition and “Motorpass”

Ubisoft has details of the update with the horribly long name “Crew 2 (Away 14,07€ in to buyTrailer: Season 3 Episode 2: US Speed ​​Tour West.” The open world racing game update will be available starting Thursday for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, on the Epic Games Store and in the Ubisoft Store (For Windows PC, Steam, Stadia, and Ubisoft+, Ubisoft’s subscription service).

After exploring the East Coast, the US Express Tour heads to the West Coast to explore in the new episode of The Crew 2, according to the press release. Players can control new vehicles and win the competition by racing in popular locations along the West Coast. As Ubisoft explains, every week it is possible to discover new races from one city to another. Time trials will also take place along the way. A “Motorpass” is introduced, which offers free and paid rewards (details see below):

The Crew 2 also welcomes a new special type of vehicle, ‘Creators’. The goal is to add new vehicles each season to expand the vehicle lineup. All new vehicles were developed by 3D artists and designers. In Season Three, The Crew 2 collaborated with Yasiddesign, who created A perfect combination of Alpha Grand Prix and a tractor.

Season 3 – Episode 2: The US Speed ​​Tour is accompanied by an all-new motor, an optional rank-based reward system that offers free and premium rewards, including vehicles like the Yasiddesign x American Petrol Ed. (Alpha Grand Prix), Mazda MX-5 Miata NA Spearhog (Rally Raid), Lancia Delta S4 Hoodlum Racing Crew Ed. (Rally Cross).

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Aside from the Motorpass, Season 3 Episode 2: US Speed ​​Tour West will continue to bring free monthly car sales, like the Chevrolet Corvette C3 Touring Car Ed. (tourist car) from September 8, or XtremAir XA42 (air race) from September 22. In addition to new prestige items containing new rotating beacons, avatar outfits, smoke variants, frames, underlights, and window shades, players can expect even more additions to vehicles during the duration of the episode.”