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The Senate wants permanent daylight saving time from 2023

The Sunlight Protection Act was passed

United States: Senate wants permanent daylight saving time from 2023

At the discretion of the Senate, daylight saving time will be permanently applicable in the United States from next year.

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In Washington on Tuesday, members of the House unanimously passed a bill entitled “Sunshine Protection Act,” so that Americans no longer have to change their watches twice a year. For that to actually happen, the House of Representatives and US President Joe Biden have yet to agree.

“No. Time change Also, spend more daylight after school and work, and with a smile – we’re getting permanent daylight saving time, “said Sen. Ed Margi, a Massachusetts senator who launched the program. Emphasized the positive effects.Almost a dozen U.S. states have already eliminated winter time.

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Americans reset the clocks on Sunday

Daylight saving time is the period between spring and autumn, when most American clocks are set one hour earlier than standard time or winter time. The Americans last changed their watches on Sunday. Winter lasts four months in most parts of the United States.

The proposal now goes to the House of Representatives, where the Energy and Trade Committee held a hearing last week to discuss possible legislation. Committee Chairman Frank Ballon said in his opening remarks that he agreed that the time change should come to an end. However, he did not decide whether summer or winter was the right way to go.


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