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The shoes are out, here comes the first special size "LTB Nikolaus"!  (Photo)

The shoes are out, here comes the first special size “LTB Nikolaus”! (Photo)

Berlin (OTS) Starting today, the first “Nicholas” special volume will be available in stores such as Walt Disney Lustiges Taschenbuch (LTB). Just in time to relax and get gifts for Saint Nicholas Day. Because the season of Advent, with all its customs, and the magic of Christmas in the air, shouldn’t be squandered by grueling emergency shopping. In a good four weeks, polished shoes want to be filled with funny gifts and funny paperbacks.

The special LTB “Nikolaus 01” volume is beautifully interspersed with 13 stories that will guarantee you the pre-Christmas mood. Among them is the series “Detective Donald Duck”, which consists of five episodes. Donald’s police instinct has faded. The mayor himself insists that he guard the gorgeous golden Christmas fir with its precious diamond head. Right as it turns out! A mysterious crook wants to steal Christmas from everyone’s eyes. Now is the time to be doubly vigilant. Uncle Dagobert also asks his nephew for help. During the rehearsal for the grand finale of the Duck Christmas Show, lucky chocolates are stolen from Sunny Sunshine, the star of the show.


Detective Donald Duck: Operation Diamond Point
Detective Donald Duck: Mission at Christmas
Christmas spirit
Almost on time…
Detective Donald Duck: Theft Under the Christmas Tree
Christmas mail carrier
meditative memory
christmas letter
Detective Donald Duck: The Holiday Conspiracy
Cupcake Invasion
moderate story
Detective Donald Duck: Christmas Quiz
I got the dog

LTB “Nikolaus 01” Special Edition (€8.50) will be available in stores from 4 November Available. To review copies and to copy the drawing, please contact the press.

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