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The smart machine thinks for itself

The smart machine thinks for itself

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Siemens develops new software applications directly on machine tools. This edge computing enables flexible scalability by centralized control and also data acquisition from external sensors.

(red/mitch/cc) Siemens is expanding its so-called Industrial Edge for machine tools with two new versions. One variant (note: IPC127E) acts as an entry-level application to increase availability and performance for simple applications while ensuring sufficient computing power for the demands of edge applications based on AI and end-to-end data analytics.

Data from workpiece to tool to tool path
The adapter (note: Simatic ET200) should provide the ability to connect and record additional external sensors at a robust sampling rate (note: up to 10 kHz). In addition to data on the workpiece, tool, and tool path, data from external sensors must now also be recordable with high temporal accuracy.

“For the first time, process data can also be transmitted to an external endpoint with the app, and users can use the newly developed online inverse conversion from machine coordinate system to work piece coordinate system to visualize the work piece in what is known as 5-axis machining,” Siemens said in a broadcast. .

Lower quality assurance costs
The knowledge gained should enable the improvement of CAD/CAM models and other software, eg. In addition, the new application should allow the quality of the workpiece to be assessed even before final production. Recording of reference data, training of monitoring models and implementation of the monitoring process are also included. Finally, processes must be improved and quality assurance costs reduced.

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“All software applications for machine tools can now be purchased online at the new Machine Tool Store. With the expansion of Siemens Industrial Edge’s range of machine tool hardware and software, both machine builders and users can flexibly use the benefits of data processing using cloud or edge computing,” says Siemens. .

red/mich/cc, Economic Edition web article, 04.10.2021