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The SPD wants early tripartite talks with the FDP and the Greens

The SPD wants early tripartite talks with the FDP and the Greens

After separate explorations with the FDP and the Greens about forming a government, the SPD is hoping for early talks in a tripartite format. “The SPD is now ready for tripartite talks,” said SPD general secretary Lars Klingbeil on Sunday evening, after two hours of talks with the Greens and the Free Democratic Party.

He indicated that the union is still holding talks with the Free Democratic Party on Sunday evening and with the Greens on Tuesday. Then there will be a decision. “We hope that the trilateral talks will take place quickly,” Klingbeil stressed.

After speaking to the SPD, Green Party leader Robert Habeck praised the Social Democrats’ willingness to move things along. “We also found a willingness in the SPD and our determination to actually start over, to create a dynamic that could solve the remaining problems,” he said. “Politics is always looking for intersections. We were now mainly looking for dynamics.”

It was agreed not to disclose the content of the conversation. Klingbeil identified some of the topics discussed: climate protection, digitalisation, modernization of the country and Europe. It is actually named after the previous conversation between the SPD and the FDP. “It was a really constructive atmosphere and very good dialogue,” he said Now. Green leader Annalena Barbock spoke of confidence in the talks.

The Greens have already spoken to the FDP twice in small and large groups. On Sunday, the SPD held talks with the Free Democratic Party and the Green Party about forming the so-called Traffic Light Coalition. At the same time, the union is looking into whether there can be a basis for the so-called alliance of Jamaica with the Free Democratic Party and the Green Party.

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But the CDU also wants to stay on the ball: CDU general secretary Paul Zimyak sees great commonalities between the union and the FDP. On Sunday, Zimiak said, after talks between the leaders of the Union and the Free Democratic Party, that there had been intense discussions about what was now important for Germany. “In this conversation, we established a common understanding that something new had to be created.”

Zimiak said that the main tasks of Germany’s future can only be conveyed through new approaches. He noted the preservation of prosperity, climate protection and digitization. The union is ready to take responsibility. Regarding the union’s electoral disaster, Zimyak said the union has no right to lead the government but is making an offer. Jamaica’s alliance between CDU/CSU, FDP and the Greens will have many opportunities for the country.