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The SPORT1 question is making waves in America

The SPORT1 question is making waves in America

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The SPORT1 question is making waves in America

Before the season, the San Francisco 49ers considered going on a Super Bowl mission with Tom Brady replacing Brock Birdie. The quarterback is now commenting on this when asked by SPORT1.

Brock Purdy led the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl LVII as the last overall pick in the NFL Draft.  We take a look back at the quarterback's rapid rise.

It's a poignant story that has plagued Sport-America for weeks: Quarterback Brock Purdy, who struggled to win the Super Bowl on Sunday, would have been fired this year — if Tom Brady had one last NFL stint.

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In a larger portrait. Released in mid-January ESPN Purdy revealed that his San Francisco 49ers would have signed Tom Brady if the “GOAT” hadn't ended his illustrious career last year — and he would have been left with only the role of backup for the time being.

This week, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan confirmed he was being considered. at a media event ahead of the NFL Finals against the Kansas City Chiefs Game 1 Now I asked Purdy how he got it — and it made waves in America, too.

“Brock Purdy is finally being heard.”

“Brock Purdy is finally being asked about 49ers' interest in Tom Brady in 2023,” the NBC media empire headlined a report on its website — noting that the topic had never come up in past press events.

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24-year-old Purdy's answer Game 1-Question: “My main point in all of this is: I need to come back and fit in before any discussion takes place.” Last season, Purdy's fairy tale kept the Super Bowl contender from being the last pick in the NFL Draft. A severe elbow injury halted.

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The uncertainty of when Purdy would be fit played a part in the creation of a Plan B with Brady.

With this background, Purdy understood simulation games. “They did the best thing for the team: having someone who can provide stability within the organization and at the quarterback position,” said the quarterback, adding that he doesn't know when I'll be back.

Brady for 49 years? The birdie was laid

Birdie didn't really care about the newly won regular spot. “I know she is (Responsible for 49ers, editor's note) I don't see what I did as invalid. “They had a lot of respect for the way I came in and did my job,” Purdy said.

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Instead, Brady's shadow spurred him on even more: “If he comes, you want to compete with him. At the same time, he is a goat, and if it comes to that, you should learn from him. But the ambitious side of me said we're one game away from the Super Bowl and I could be the right player for this team.

The 49ers couldn't really be upset about the decision: They went to the Super Bowl this time around — not least because of Birdie.

Teammate Ambry Thomas recently praised the 24-year-old Game 1The interviewer called him “the most confident quarterback” he's handled so far.